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The economy and the election.

Warren Buffet has approved Obama's economic plan and endorsed his presidential candidacy.

Let me repeat: Warren Buffet has approved Obama's economic plan and endorsed his presidential candidacy.

Seven months ago when McCain was still trying to convince the press that he never said he didn't know much about economics (seriously homie, I know you're from an older generation, but you do know how video cameras work, right?), Obama was presenting a speech on the imminent danger that our economy was facing and his plan to address it on Wall Street to a crowd of financiers and received a thunderous ovation. I think this bears repeating as well; the man now being characterized by the right as an inexperienced, socialist threat to capitalism and the free market foresaw the exact problem we are now facing well in advance and proposed an assessment of it and plan to address it that was rousingly approved by Wall Street business owners, managers, and traders.

What has McCain done? Changed his mind six or seven times (it doesn't matter if you supported or hated the bail-out, McCain disagreed with you at some point), publicly threatened to fire people who he has no jurisdiction over and who have nothing to do with the crisis, lauded the economic judgment of the man who endorsed his rival (Mr. Buffet again), and kept as his chief adviser the man who crafted the very de-regulation that has largely contributed to crashing the market, and who referred to Americans suffering from economic trouble as "a nation of whiners." This man would likely be the Secretary of the Treasury if McCain were to be elected.

I think it also bears mentioning that Alan Greenspan has assessed McCain's economic plan and determined that it proposes to spend trillions while freeing up an amount only in the billions to pay for itself, leaving an enormous deficit. The McCain campaign has failed to provide any numbers or information that actually address Mr. Greenspan's concerns.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. One of the main problems I tend to have with liberal candidates, while I may agree with their social policies, is that they often propose plans that are fiscally irresponsible. This year, however, it's the conservative candidate that has the irresponsible proposals. This year, we are very lucky as a nation to have a candidate for president who not only has it almost entirely right on social and constitutional issues, but who has the superior economic credentials and policies as well. Seeing as how we are at a turning/crisis point in this country when it comes to social concerns and economic ones, he couldn't have showed up at a better time.